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Tattoos have been around for more than five thousand years and can be traced back to Egyptian culture, where social branding and ink was used to identify social status. It’s a strange concept for the uninitiated. People without ink often ask, “Why would you want to do that to yourself?” Body art, graffiti, ink accessories, a walking canvas… Whatever you like to call them, tattoos are individual expressions of the person carrying them and many have an emotional side that stretches far beyond ‘just’ being an artistic image.

Ink really is no longer the controversial talking point that it was even twenty-five ago. Now, tattooed bodies are more accepted than ever. In fact, they are so on point, that the increase in tattoo studios and those seeking career choices in the industry is at an all-time high point. The world has finally embraced the inked society and it gives our whole team a very warm feeling, that our art is finally being accepted by the masses. 

You may think that’s a pretty bold statement to make but at Black Dagger, we’re pretty confident that choosing one of our Norwich Tattooist team for your custom artwork, piercings or laser tattoo removal will be a memorable experience for all of the right reasons. Making the decision to get inked can be a life changing moment and a very exciting time. Whether you are new to tattoos or have been extensively inked, you need to be sure that your visit to Black Dagger Tattoo Studio in Norwich, is safe, hygienic, professional, and an experience so amazing, that you’re going to want to come back and see us again. All the individual artists at Black Dagger Tattoo Studio are highly skilled artists who understand your exacting requirements just perfectly. If you;pre new to ink, professional reassurance and advice can be invaluable and can make the difference between ‘Fantastic’ and ‘Terrible’ body art choices. 

If you’re contemplating your first tattoo, we can assist you through every step of the process and relieve those pre-tattoo nerves. Our welcoming front of house team will usually be your first point of contact and will happily address any questions or concerns you may have. From concerns about pain tolerance to after care, we want to make sure that you have an excellent understanding, so you truly enjoy your experience.

This may sound a little strange, but a tattoo that’s done well, represents one of life’s few real investments. After all, it represents memories and personalised artwork on your body that will last a physical lifetime. Every single artist at the studio has their very own traits, sewn into every tattoo they create. Every customer takes away a tiny a piece of that artist when they leave the studio.

Our highly experienced staff also provides free, no-pressure consultation and in addition to providing world-class tattoos, we can also help remove any old or unwanted ink thanks to Tattoo Erase Norwich, our certified in-house laser tattoo removal specialist.


We specialise in creating custom ink, designed to not only meet, but exceed your own tattoo expectations , regardless of the size or complexity of your work


We offer clinical, professional body piercing by highly trained piercer, Steven Gigli, using only the best quality of surgical steel and titanium piercing jewellery.


Safe, affordable laser tattoo removal is available at Black Dagger Tattoo through our certified in-house specialist from Tattoo Erase Norwich.

Body Piercing at Black DAgger Tattoo Norwich

Our in house body piercer Steven Gigli has a steady hand and thousands of piercings in his portfolio of work. He offers a wide range of body piercing procedures including belly button piercing, ears, eyebrows, septum, nose, tragus, nipples, septum, monroe and bridge to name just a few. To find out more about Body Piercing at Black Dagger studio, read on…   

Photo by Jade Scarlato on Unsplash


Body modification is a global practise all over the world. It has a valuable and varied history and plays an essential cultural role thousands of years after the first ancient tribes adorned their bodies with everything from bone, feathers and natural materials before jewellery was even conceived. Body modification held a symbolic meaning for the wearer, signifying adulthood or used as a rite of passage. Body piercing assisted with identifying tribal affiliations or cast and many North African and Middle Eastern tribes practiced piercings as part of their heritage.

We fast forward five thousand years to the 1970’s, an era that saw the emergence of punk and its non-conformist values and where body piercings as a rebellious statement and then later, as a new fashion statement. It brought a new dimension to body modification with safety pins piercings on the face, lips and cheeks. Body piercing would become mainstream by the 1990’s as pop culture showcased piercing to the masses through bands such as The Prodigy, The Cranberries, Britney Spears and most famously, Aerosmith. Their, ‘Cryin’ video, featured a now famous Alicia Silverstone not only being tattooed, but also receiving a navel piercing on screen. What was only twenty years earlier, was considered by many to be an anarchistic V sign to the establishment, had manifested into an every-day fashion accessory driven heavily by social media influencers, film stars and TV celebrities. Body piercing is experiencing a growth like never before as people of all ages and walks of life push the boundaries with new ways of self-expression and is widely accepted across the globe. It’s a non permanent procedure with a huge amount of piercing options available.

If you’re interested in taking your body modifications to the next level or are embarking on your first piercing, why not take a look at our dedicate page HERE or call the Black Dagger Team on 01603 436883 or email


You may think that’s a pretty bold statement to make but at Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich, we’re pretty confident that choosing our Norwich Tattoo Studio for your custom artwork, piercings or laser tattoo removal will be a memorable experience for all of the right reasons. Making the decision to get a tattoo can be a life changing moment and a very exciting time. Whether you are new to tattoos or have been extensively inked, you need to be sure that  your visit is safe, hygienic, professional and  so amazing, that you’re definitely going to want to come back and see us again. All of our skilled staff are highly skilled artists who understand your exacting requirements just perfectly. We offer a seriously convenient location with all important on-site parking so there’s no need to pay expensive car parking fees if you’re heading to see us. What we can guarantee You can guarantee exceptional service at all four of our locations. Not only are we conveniently located, but we also prioritize our customers and make certain their experience is a positive one. Please look around our informative site and if you like what you see, reach out to our team using the Facebook messenger link at the bottom of the screen or email

Simon Syder

Co-owner and founder of the new Black Dagger Studio, Simon has over two decades of incredible experience as a professional tattoo artist. Simon has gained a phenomenal reputation for his lifelike portraiture and realism work.

Steven Gigli. Norwich Tattooist at Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich

Steven Gigli

Co-owner Steven Steven opened the new Black Dagger brand with Simon back in 2019 after running his own successful studio for seven years. Steven covers a seriously broad spectrum of tattoo styles and is also our in house piercing expert with over ten years of experience.

Chris Martin

Chris picked up his first tattoo machine back in 2008 and hasn't stopped since. He's a true professional and has been with the business since it opened. Chris can interpret any style of work but specialises in Neo Traditional, Portraits, Colour Work and Cartoon style.

Owen Peat

Owen was born to be a tattooist and his needles really are a true extension of his hand. Tattooing since 2019, the quality of Owen's work and creativity, extend far beyond the time he has spent as an artist. Owen specialises in Realism, Portraiture, Dot-Work and Black & Grey.

Ignas 'Iggy' Andriukaitis

Iggy is a former Graffiti Artist and Sketcher currently serving his apprenticeship under the wing of Simon Blackdagger. Iggy been at the studio since 2020, is hugely talented and has a passion for a wide range of styles including Trash Polka, Sketchy, Dot-work Geometric

Barny Du Plessis

Barny has over 10 years experience working both in London studios and locally. His extensive portfolio covers all genres and is happy to take on any styles of work. He's not a tattoo snob. Nothing is beneath him. Barny is a master of cover-ups and reworking. All of his products are vegan friendly.

Barry Ford

Barry is our certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist with a wealth of experience in helping clients to remove regrettable ink decisions that until now, have always been permanent. Barry also delivers pain free carbon facials using the latest high performance Q Switched ND:Yag Laser.

Lee Blanchflower

Lee is an award winning commercial photographer and he's responsible for our awesome Black Dagger in-house content. Lee has over a decade of experience working with the biggest names from the world of Music and TV and looks after our business imagery, video and website.

Certified laser tattoo removal is literally a few clicks away at black dagger tattoo studio

Looking back on the world of tattoos and it wasn’t unrealistic to think your ink would be a lifelong commitment that simply could not be reversed. The first laser removal took place back in 1967 but technology has moved at such a fast past, that laser removal is now commonplace in many tattooists and cosmetic clinics. Unfortunately, not all businesses use the same equipment, nor do they operate to the standards of Tattoo Erase Norwich.

Our Norwich based Laser Tattoo Removal service provides a certified, safe, effective way to remove unwanted ink form skin. Tattooing technology opens up a whole new world of intricate, beautifully crafted designs with links that lasts for many, many years and or the first time ever, customers can erase their past mistakes and prepare their skin for brand new tattoos.    

We use the latest in quality-switched laser (Q-Switched) which is classed as non-invasive laser, essentially creating a high-intensity pulsed beam light. laser beam from a Q-Switched machine, works in a phenomenal speed at almost a billionth of a second creating enormous energy in powerful pulses. At Tattoo Erase Norwich, our Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser is used to remove a wide range of tattoos. To find out more about our Laser Tattoo Removal Services, why not head over to our dedicated page by clicking the link below


You’ve probably noticed that we don’t ‘only tattoo.’ We carry out body modification and importantly, we also help remove those regrettable tattoos that your possibly thought would be on your body for life. Well that’s not the case anymore. Our Norwich studio is home to Tattoo Erase Norwich and along with our high quality video productions and blog posts, Barry will be showcasing his fantastic laser tattoo removal work regularly on our blog page. It’s surprisingly inexpensive to have your unwanted ink removed and you can find out much more on our dedicated Lsser Removal page. 

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We’re conveniently located in a quiet location just a stones throw from the city centre. Our clean, hygienic Tattoo shop has lots of free customer car parking so there’s no need for expensive car parking even if we’re tattooing you for the whole day. Our Norwich Tattooist team and Laser Tattoo Removal staff work from Monday to Saturday and the studio is open from 09.30am – 5.30pm unless we agree to undertake any super special commissions out of normal operating hours. This however, is not regular practice and would be would purely at the discretion of each individual artist. Our artists take body art very seriously, after all it’s an art that they’ve all spent many years developing, a career they’ll be perfecting for life and you’ll be wearing for eternity. We have the skills and experience to provide you with quality artwork that will fulfil all expectations and withstand the test of time.