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Steven Gigli Norwich tattooist is not only an amazing creative artist with an incredible attention to details, but is also a founding partner in the Black Dagger Brand. Steven started his career long ago as a piercer and apprentice at Love Hate in Norwich. He made the steps and progression to tattooist from piercer and never looked back. It was only a matter of time before he took the inevitable step to start his own business back in 2014 and in 2019, Steven & Simon Syder took over the ownership Of Black Dagger. The pair have spent the past few years developing an exciting team of desirable artists to work under one roof at Black Dagger. 
Steven’s work is known for exceeding customer expectations and raising the bar for tattooing in Norwich. He has  created a loyal following not only across Norfolk, but much further afield.
Steven covers a broad spectrum of tattooing styles from colour work, black and grey, realism, portraits to old school and traditional. On a side note, Steven is also known as the Studio comedian and has an unhealthy appetite for Stone Island & CP Company designer clothing. 
Steven Gigli Tattoo Artist

Steven Gigli Tattooist

Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich

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Black Dagger

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Old School Tattoo Style

Custom Tattoo Flashes

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Grey & Black

Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich

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Traditional Designs

Steven Gigli Tattoo Artist at Black Dagger

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Custom Tattoos

Bespoke Ink

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Realism Specialist

Dotwork Tattoos

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Fully insured Tattoist

Creative Ink

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Professional Ink

Tattoos Norwich

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Creative Body Art

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Steven Gigli

Geometric Tattoos

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Custom Work

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Steven Gigli Tattooist at Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich

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