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Come and visit Steven Gigli in our vibrant Tattoo & Piercing studio in the fine city of Norwich. Steven has over a decade of experience in the tattoo industry and body modification sectors. Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich are a licensed tattoo and piercing studio who fully comply with all Health and Safety regulations by keeping a clean and hygienic working environment at all times. From ear piercing to genital piercing and every type of piercing in-between, our sterilisation techniques and cross contamination awareness procedures mean that your procedure will be hygienic, safe, professionally administered and a comfortable experience. 

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How much does a piercing cost?

At Black Dagger Tattoo Norwich, we like to think that we offer exceptional value for money and the very best professional services. All of our jewellery is hypo allergenic and made of surgical grade steel. We offer a wide range of body piercing procedures including belly button piercing, nose, ear, eyebrows, septum, lip, bridge of nose, helix, tragus, nipples & septum to name just a few.

All piercings only £20

Frequently Asked Questions

What age can I get a piercing?

Despite many piercing salons imposing their own age restrictions for body piercings, there is no legal age restriction for any kind of piercing in England and Wales, unlike in Scotland, where people under 16 are required to have a parent’s permission before having ears and other body parts pierced. We will happily pierce ear lobes in children from 4 years of age.

We’ll happy consider your piercing if you’re aged 14+ and have parental consent. If you;re over 16, you’ll need proof of age via valid Identification. We accept Passport, Photo Driving Licence or Citizen Cards as forms of ID.

Does getting a piercing hurt?

Do you pierce nipples?

Yes, we do. For female nipple piercings, you must be 18 + years of age and we required proof of ID.

How do you do a piercing!

All of our piercings are undertaken with sterilised surgical needles. We will open the seals on needles in your presence and dispose of the needle immediately following the piercing. Clamps are fully sterilised using our autoclave system. We never use piercing guns, not even on ear lobes. Getting pierced with a piercing-gun is very unhealthy for your body. A piercing-gun causes trauma to the area that is pierced  as the piercing gun literally punches a hole in the flesh. The will increase potential infections and prolong the healing process. 

Do you offer implants?

Sorry but we don’t offer this service. Transdermal implants, or dermal piercings, are a form of piercing used both in a medical and aesthetic context.  The procedure involves an object being placed partially below and partially above the skin. The surrounding skin usually heals as if it were a piercing .Implants use a biopsy punch and removes an element of skin but we do not perform these types of procedure.

How do you do a piercing!

All of our piercings are undertaken with sterilised surgical needles. We will open the seals on needles in your presence and dispose of the needle immediately following the piercing. We never use piercing guns, not even on ear lobes.

How long will my piercing take to heal?

As with any post surgical procedure or injury, individual bodies heal at different rates and it also depends on the area that has been pierced. Face piercings often heal fastest, while others may  heal slower. There are a lot of factors including how clean you’re keeping your piercing, clothes rubbing, germs, humidity and other aggravating factors that can slow down the process. *Please note that our piercer,  Steven Gigli will discuss Aftercare on an individual customer to customer basis which will be specific to the type of piercing that you choose.   


Body modification is a global practise all over the world. It has a valuable and varied history and plays an essential cultural role thousands of years after the first ancient tribes adorned their bodies with everything from bone, feathers and natural materials before jewellery was even conceived. Body modification held a symbolic meaning for the wearer, signifying adulthood or used as a rite of passage. Body piercing assisted with identifying tribal affiliations or cast and many North African and Middle Eastern tribes practiced piercings as part of their heritage.

We fast forward five thousand years to the 1970’s, an era that saw the emergence of punk and its non-conformist values and where body piercings as a rebellious statement and then later, as a new fashion statement. It brought a new dimension to body modification with safety pins piercings on the face, lips and cheeks. Body piercing would become mainstream by the 1990’s as pop culture showcased piercing to the masses through bands such as The Prodigy, The Cranberries, Britney Spears and most famously, Aerosmith. Their, ‘Cryin’ video, featured a now famous Alicia Silverstone not only being tattooed, but also receiving a navel piercing on screen. What was only twenty years earlier, was considered by many to be an anarchistic V sign to the establishment, had manifested into an every-day fashion accessory driven heavily by social media influencers, film stars and TV celebrities. Body piercing is experiencing a growth like never before as people of all ages and walks of life push the boundaries with new ways of self-expression and is widely accepted across the globe. It’s a non permanent procedure with a huge amount of piercing options available.

If you’re interested in taking your body modifications to the next level or are embarking on your first piercing, why not take a look at our dedicate page HERE or call the Black Dagger Team on 01603 436883 or email


We specialise in creating custom ink, designed to not only meet, but exceed your own tattoo expectations , regardless of the size or complexity of your work


We offer clinical, professional body piercing by highly trained piercer, Steven Gigli, using only the best quality of surgical steel and titanium piercing jewellery.


Safe, affordable laser tattoo removal is available at Black Dagger Tattoo through our certified in-house specialist from Tattoo Erase Norwich.

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